Law of Attraction

Have you saw the Willow and Jada Pickett-Smith clip of their show when Willow received life from Jada's message. This is how i felt watching this video Law of Attraction with Oprah. Talking about a life reset. The first time I heard about Law of Attraction was about 9 months ago from my business bestie. She explained that her and her spouse watched the movie on Netflix and how powerful the message is regarding the secret. Now with this information that was given to me; I got proactive. I wanted to know the secret. What is the secret? Determination overtook me because I need to know the secret, I've prayed for wisdom and knowledge for years and how did this secret skip me. I went home and scheduled a date with my significant other to watch the movie the Secret. Now a moment of reflection over takes my mind and body. I must apply this to my everyday life. Just like that, now my focus is on what's entering my mind, what my mind is staying focused on and rejecting all negative thoughts and energy. My legacy begins with me. I can now incorporate the secret with my purpose to create the life God designed for me and my family.