Lord I'm ready to go to the next level

The title comes from inspiration from Bishop TD Jakes. A YouTube video was sent to me for motivation that featured Bishop Jakes. What are you willing to risk to get to your next level in life, business, spirit, or relationships? See going to the next level is at a cost. Now, what price are you willing to pay? It's not selling your soul to the devil.... Its making an exchange with God. God, is the best partner to go in business with. He provides capital, a plan, customers, networking, and knowledge. He is the perfect partner period. Once you have made your partnership with God; now, you are able to start to get in motion. Ask God for a spiritual reset! God please reset my spirit, mind and body! God please provide the plan and map on how to get there. You may be thinking this question. Why not directions Ebony? Because directions only provides how to get there; see a map for me is a visual, it shows you the surrounding areas. See...in order to get Gods plan you have to be able to see yourself for who you really are; and ask God to remove anything from you that would cause you to deviate from the map. You want to go to the next level but everyone isn't at the next level. You have to be able to surrender to God and unchain yourself from all people, things, habits, and old promises. Also you may not be chained to some people, things, habits or old promises but they are chained to you!!! You have to release from them too!!! This is easier said than done..... But, who's most important? Your future self or the anchors that are holding you in place. Decisions has to be made. Let God make the decisions and follow his plan. That's the next level!!!

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