Be Done With It For Good

It's been a while! But, I am here..... I've been working on some new products and services to help improve you and myself. Personally, I am always working on improving right now Ebony to get the future Ebony. Greatness can only be greater. For awhile I've been removing negative thoughts, activities, people, sayings and anything to do with negativity. This has to be worked on daily. I have some tips that can help you along the way if you are wanting to remove negativity from your energy and spirit too!!

1. Write down all the negative thoughts and feelings that you have been holding inside of you. Burn the paper or shred it.

2. I want you to read them to yourself in the mirror. Release all emotions that comes with it. I want you to pick yourself up off the floor because if you are like me than I know you were laid out on the bathroom floor.

3. Now, forgive yourself, the people that hurt you and ask for God forgiveness. Write 3 positive thing about how you feel after the bathroom release. Practice how you are going to remove yourself from the negativity going forward. (be strong it's not easy to tell your friends that you don't want to hear the foolishness)

4. Be good to the You that is healed and protect the healed you.

5.Watch this Video!!!